Violin Lessons Kettering

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Violin Lessons Kettering
Guitar & Bass Guitar Lessons

All guitar lessons last for half an hour and are all 1-2-1. Each lesson helps you move forward as a musician whether you’re a seasoned professional or just a beginner. With our help, we will have you playing in no time.

As a beginner we learn basic chords and scales to help understand how music is created. This in turn will help you understand how a song is formed, consequently helping you to play.

As a student we can sometimes be impatient, but with our help you will be playing your favourite song within weeks. Music can be written down and you will be shown how to understand music charts. This can be a big advantage to your music journey, as most of our favourite music can be obtained through book companies within Intersales.

If this is not for you we can provide you with knowledge that will have you entertaining friends and family without the worry of reading music. If you have no music experience and just want to play for fun, give us a call.

As an advanced player you will be helped with technique and being able to sight read and transpose music. Classical and acoustic guitars can be accounted for with our very experienced teachers. As a company we pride ourselves with a very high pass rate in exams. We work with many exam centres including Rockschool and London College of Music.

For all of you who wish to try your hand at Bass guitar we have the teachers for you. Bass can be a brilliant and rewarding instrument to play.

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